Scope 3 Tracking


Strong sustainability

Sustainability has indeed passed the litmus test for a modern-day buzzword, idealized by many, initialized in different products, marketed in many medium, alas practiced by a few. Etymologically it comes from a Latin word ‘sus-tenere’ meaning to sustain. The modern sustainability has been at the cornerstone of aiding industry to do business-as-usual without regard in tackling the current challenges in addressing climate change, sustained and inclusive global growth. This is also called ‘Greenwashing’. However, in this current state of our biophysical demise, there is indeed no place for Green Washing! And so, as Decarbonify, we are working towards delivering data-driven Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) solutions, that is data driven and giving our clients opportunity to be transparent and responsible in data accounting on how they operate and do business with others vis-à-vis planet and people. Ensuring we provide the data modicum of truth to operations, products and processes for reporting and accounting frameworks. We believe data-driven ESG and disclosures is the key to unlock Strong Sustainability that is current and future driven. Stay tuned for more insights from our weekly blogs and vlogs forthcoming.